In an effort to further reduce 'plastic pollution' legislators are working on the Tobacco Product Waste Reduction Act.

On the surface, lawmaker's are calling this an effort to reduce plastic waste. According to a News 10 report, this new act "...prohibits selling cigarettes with single-use filters as another kind of plastic pollutant." On the surface this may seem like an anti pollution bill, and maybe there is some weight to that, but the News 10 story points out "The measure combats smoking by appealing to environmental concerns instead of healthcare issues." The story did not get into particulars bout the likelihood of such a ban.

Either way, I just think from a matter of disgusting litter everywhere this is a great idea. I have no problem with people smoking or their choice to do so. To each his own! But I do have a problem with smokers who throw their cigarette butts everywhere. If a reusable filter system of some sort could be developed, it would definitely be a welcome change to clean up this nasty problem. And along the way, it could have a environmental and human health benefits too.


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