A New York Assemblyman is proposing a law that would not allow organized tackle football leagues for children under 14.

With all we have learned about the perils of tackle football and how it could lead to brain injuries and disabilities later in life, I am not surprised we are seeing this legislation come up again. According to WHEC News 10 in Rochester, Assembly Michael Bennedetto of the Bronx is proposing legislation that would end community and school sponsored tackle football leagues for kids 13 and under.

According to the WHEC story, this law has been proposed several times in  the past, but never got to the point where lawmakers voted on it. Bennedetto says '...critics accuse him of trying to "ruin" a deeply ingrained part of American culture...' when in reality the law is intended to prevent head injuries in younger kids when they are more vulnerable.

I gotta say, this is a real interesting discussion right now. We have learned a lot about head injuries in football over the last few years, especially concussions. This is not the first  time I have heard about the dangers of younger kids playing tackle football, and I think as a parent, I would probably have my kids to play flag football. It is such a great team sport where kids can learn a lot about teamwork, discipline and hard work. In flag football they can do all of that without the risk of a head injury.

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