I have always been a numbers guy. I always had my home and away numbers in high school and college be 44 and 45 because I thought they were lucky. Well now I am giving you some lucky numbers every Monday through Friday afternoon on the ride home.

If you have not joined the WGNA Insiders Club yet make sure you do right here on the website, then join the Insiders Club Rewards program. It is non-stop contesting on your schedule.

Once you join, listen to the Jake Thomas show between 3 and 7pm weekdays. At 4:20pm I will give you the "Drive Home Digits", then log into the Insider Rewards and enter the digits each afternoon and you'll pick up 500 points just for listening. Today was day one and in case you missed it the "Drive Home Digits" were 1247.  New digits tomorrow at 4:20. I love numbers!