You want to go to dinner with some friends but then you find out that there's an hour wait, what do you do? If you had NoWait, you could've known that ahead of time.

I just started using NoWait after a friend of mine introduced me to it. I called the restaurant (City Line in Albany) and they told me they don't take reservations but the wait could be upwards of an hour. I told my friends that we'd need to pick a new place to eat but she told me not to worry because she had our name in on NoWait.

The way it works, you allow them to see your location or you search for a specific restaurant and it will not only tell you the wait time at the restaurant but let you put your name in and watch the time. This way, you don't make a reservation for 6:00pm and find out you're not actually getting seated until 7:00pm. You can wait and watch it from the comfort of your own home. A ton of local restaurants are using it and even more are coming soon.

  • O'Toole's Restaurant and Pub (Albany)
  • Chili's (Clifton Park/Colonie/Glenmont/Bennington/North Greenbush)
  • City Line Bar and Grill (Albany)
  • Cafe Madison (Albany/Loudon)
  • Junior's Bar & Grill (Pine Hills/North Greenbush)
  • Brown's Brewing (Troy)
  • Iron Roost (Ballston Spa)
  • Iron Gate Cafe (Albany) *Coming Soon*
  • The Lake Local (Saratoga Springs)
  • Druthers (Saratoga)
  • Ravenous (Saratoga)
  • Max London's (Saratoga)
  • Hamlet & Ghost (Saratoga)
  • Adirondack Pub & Brewery (Lake George)

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