News10ABC reported on the fire at Northway Toyota Saturday morning. According to their sources, there is no additional news on the start of the fire but the real news is their response to it.

I love when businesses respond with their social media properly. Northway Toyota took a problem with their building and turned it in a way to sell more cars. Instead of "Sorry, we're closed. There was a fire over the weekend," (you can see below) they responded with their deals being "TOO HOT TO HANDLE!"

Obviously a fire is a serious situation but the ability to take that and turn it into something marketable is brilliant. Things like that always make me want to either use that business or at the very least follow their social media to see what other fun marketing techniques they're going to use. Do you have a go to celebrity or social media page that you follow (aside from WGNA, of course)? Do you prefer funny pages or informative?

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