Here's one piece of data you may have a hard time believing: according to a recently released study, northerners actually drink more than southerners. analyzed Census data throughout America from 2011-2013 to compile statistics on the drinking habits of men and women in the U.S.A. What they found was somewhat surprising.

The "drunkest" state in America was Wisconsin, with 65.33 percent of the state having had at least one drink within the timeframe studied, while the least drunk state was Utah with only 29.3 percent. Many of the states that surround or are near New York ended up in the top-5 drunkest, including Vermont, Washington D.C., New Hampshire and Massachusetts. But our own great state didn't even have a place in the rankings!

Other interesting facts from the study:

  • In Washington, D.C., wine is the drink of choice.
  • Wisconsin not only had the highest percentage of drinkers, but the highest percentage of heavy drinkers as well.
  • Older people drink fewer drinks but drink more often.

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