Enough is enough. I am sick of America placing their Spring vacation plans on the shoulders of a rodent in Puxatawney, PA. We deserve better than this. I would be happy with a turtle, or a horse even. The Groundhog has blew the forecast for the last time.Let's get the Spring weather prediction out of Puxatawney, PA and bring it here with a more reliable animal locally in the Albany area. How about "Toga Turtle", or "Harry The Horse" in Saratoga. Puxatawney. PA and Phil have broken our hearts up here for the last time. I have put a poll up for some names we can have our own annual "Spring Weather Prediction" with an animal locally and all gather to see if can see it's shadow. Anything up here will do a better job than Phil. Right now Jersey is getting pounded with snow, and it does not look like an early Spring as promised by Phil. Please vote often and please share this with your friends. Hopefully next year we can have our own day with our animal and 1077 'GNA.

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