We just got one in Clifton Park this year, and now another new roundabout is being planned at the intersection of River and Rosendale Roads in Nyskayuna. So get ready for some driving confusion in the area once it opens.

According to a Daily Gazette report, a plan was approved last Tuesday to start construction on the new roundabout in April, with construction to wrap up in time for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. The story says the intersection gets a fair amount of traffic with 10,000 vehicles passing through everyday, feeding several employers and schools in the area.

These roundabouts are great in theory and seem to work when everyone knows what the traffic pattern is. But, driving the new circle in Clifton Park at the intersection our Routes 146 and 146A everyday, I can tell you the confusion as to what lane is what has yet to wane. There always seems to be a few drivers each day who have no clue where they are going. I guess some mornings, it kind of looks like this:

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