Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have actually come to an agreement on a new budget for the state, which will include no new taxes or tax increases. Albany may be on the right track.

It also will reduce the state’s spending. This will be the first time in a long time that the state’s budget may be passed on time, or even a little early. The budget is supposed to be set and ready by this Friday, April 1. This could shrink the state’s $10 billion deficit.

One of the changes included in the governor's budget proposal are $272 million in restorations for education. His original plan targeted for $1.5 billion in cuts. There was a plan for funding restorations for schools for the deaf and blind, but those institutions will still be changing the way they receive their funds.

According to a story in the Times Union, educational advocates were less than impressed. "Nobody who cares about students is celebrating this budget," according to Billy Easton of the Alliance for Quality Education, which, along with teachers unions, has been loudly protesting cuts.

The legislature still needs to vote on a number of the budget bills. That should happen this week. Do you think that the state is on the right track with the budget for the future?