A New York man had a creative way to propose to his girlfriend. I guess if you have the time and the land, it's a unique way to do it. There is a really cute story out of Central New York of a man who created a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. According to WIVB, Travis Drexler knew he wanted to spend his life with his girlfriend Allie Randall and came up with a corny way to propose.

He had a plan to use his family's corn maze to do the asking. Travis said that he knew back in January that he wanted to propose through the corn maze and he began his plan. He mapped out the entire maze on graph paper using the corn rows as a guide. When it was complete, he took a drone picture of the maze that read, "Allie will you marry me?".

Travis then showed Allie the picture down on one knee. She said that she had to read it five or six times before she realized that she was the "Allie" in the picture.

The happy couple have not set a wedding date yet, but if you want to get lost in this exact maze, you can do that this fall at Springside Farm in Fabius, NY.

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