Maybe you already knew this, but we live in the highest taxed state in America.

New York is #1, but we're #1 at sucking the money out of our residents pockets. We need to do something about that. Taxes are recovery killers. The state needs people to have money in the bank and in their pockets in order to bounce back. The first tax that needs to be kicked to the curb in New York is the one that affects every citizen the most, the New York State Gas Tax. Hey Governor Cuomo, send the message to businesses and residents in other states looking for a new place to set up shop and create jobs that New York is a good place to look at. Wipe out the gas tax, cut the New York State Income tax in half for anyone making under $100,000 a year and reform workman's compensation laws eliminating lifetime disability payments. We are the only state in America that allows that, and as a result the workman's compensation insurance rates alone discourage many businesses with good jobs from even thinking about setting up shop here in New York State.

I'll get off my soapbox now. To see where the 50 states stack up on taxes here is the full list from MSN Money.

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