The discussions on a possible gay marriage vote in Albany are heating up as many in favor want the vote to take place prior to the end of the current session.

According to the Wall Street Journal a lot of the talks are centering around the protection of religious rights like the Knights of Colombus.

Will the Knights of Columbus be required to open their halls for gay weddings if New York lawmakers legalize same-sex marriage?

Vermont's law has an exemption that says churches are not bound to rent their halls or open their facilities for same-sex weddings if the church has religious objections to same-sex marriage.There are also fears that Catholic groups — huge providers of social services in many communities — could lose their government contracts if they are found to have discriminated against gay couples.

Others were concerned that the vote was tied to a rent control law for New York City and thought it should stand on its own. The debate is hot, and on the table regardless. Here's the lastest on the issue being debated in Albany.