What can get better than some local beer in once place over the summer? Nothing, I know. Queensbury heard you.

The Lake George Beer Hub is on Route 9 in Queensbury (what used to be Davidson Brothers), between Lake George and Glens Falls. It will be producing beers from two separate breweries: Cooperstown Breweries and Davidson Brothers Brewing Co from Glens Falls.

The Beer Hub will have a big brewhouse and tasting room, built by Davidson Brothers in 2014, now owned by Northern Eagle Beverages. The ribbon cutting was just at the end of May and it's now open for business.

I love this idea of putting local breweries together but are they? The location was already Davidson Brothers, serving Davidson Brothers beer. Aren't they just taking the Davidson's Brothers location, the beer, adding Cooperstown, and calling it a different name? I love beer, especially local beer but if you're going to call something a "beer hub," as a beer drinker, it better be a hub of even just Lake George beers, this is not.

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