The feasibility of a new hotel attached to Albany International Airport is being explored.

While we have plenty of hotels in the vicinity of the airport, it would be nice to just walk off a light to one, or stay the night to board an early morning flight. According to Albany Business Review (ABR), the idea of such a hotel attached right to the airport is being explored, all in an effort to attract more flights.

The first step would be a study to see if there is a  scenario that makes financial sense to build the hotel and what brand would be a good fit. ABR says the plan would explore building the hotel "...on the current site of the short-term lot or long-term lot near the airport entrance."

I will say from a local perspective, having a hotel attached right to the airport would be convenient especially if you live a good distance from the airport Imagine how easy it would be to just stay the night before a morning flight to ease your travel schedule?

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