Bluegrass music is a sub-genre of country music and it was inspired by the music of  the United Kingdom and Ireland immigrants, and it was allegedly influenced by African-American music, with some elements of jazz. When you hear bluegrass, you'll also hear each instrument being highlighted in almost every song, almost a solo. Bluegrass also has a traditional country and western sound to it. Some people may say it's a little too country, while many others really love it.

The late Bill Monroe is called the Father of Bluegrass. He created the bluegrass style of music. This Sunday morning, Kevin Richards Classic Country Hall of Fame on WGNA will be featuring country classics with a bluegrass spin. When I think of bluegrass music, in a more contemporary sense, I think of someone that had several hits in the 1980s and 1990s, and had a big bluegrass influence. He is Ricky Skaggs. I found a video of him performing with Brad Paisley, one of his hits called "Highway 40 Blues."

Do you think bluegrass music could be considered classic country?