Is there a more perfect time for a new sweet shop to open at Crossgates Mall?

Yes, the magic of Christmas is great, but so is all the eating we get to do this time of year - especially all the sweets! No bowl full of M & M's or those candy canes hanging are the tree are safe this time of year!


So it really is perfect timing for the Christmas shopping season that a new candy retailer is open for business at the Capital Region's biggest shopping and entertainment destination!

attachment-IT'SUGAR Crossgates

According to a press release from Crossgates Mall, It'Sugar, has opened a new 2.700 square foot store near Dave & Buster's on the mall's lower level. It'Sugar is one of the nation's largest candy retailers and features "...: hundreds of varieties of over-the-top sweets, humorous products, and immersive candy experiences from America’s beloved brands, including Sour Patch Kids, OREO, Nerds, Skittles, Reese’s, and Starburst." They also sell retro and international candy.

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