Thanks to one creative pizzeria New York's most well-known food is also its weirdest, all at the same time.

When you think of New York's "weirdest" food, which food comes to mind? A few that pop into my head are the garbage plate, Utica greens, and some of the crazy wing sauce concoctions you can find in the Empire State. Come to think of it, these may be more unique and creative than weird.

But the weirdest food in New York may be that way because of its presentation!

Vinnie's Pizzeria Facebook Page
Vinnie's Pizzeria Facebook Page

Vinnie's Pizzeria In Brooklyn Is Home of The Weirdest Food In New York

If you scope out the menu at Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, you will see some truly unique pizzas like their nacho and zucchini pizza pictured above. But it is another one of Vinnie's creations that was named the weirdest food in New York by 24/7 Tempo.

The pizza that comes in a box made of pizza!

attachment-Deslish box 1
Delish Facebook Page

That's right, as far as the food itself, nothing weird here. But the presentation? Absolutely weird, and also deliciously decadent. Who wouldn't love to eat the tasting package this pepperoni pizza is delivered in? 24/7 Tempo says the pepperoni pizza in an actual box made of pizza is the specialty at Vinnie's, and its weirdness is its greatness all at the same time!

The foodies at Delish visited Vinnie's to document how the pizza in an edible pizza box is made - check out the video below!

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