A new Legoland theme park and hotel are being planned in Goshen.

A Scenic Tour of LEGOLAND Califonia Resort
Credit: Getty Images

According to News Channel 13, a 500 acre parcel of land has been purchased for the proposed theme park. This is just in the initial planning stages at this point as the Goshen Town Board will have to first make zoning changes to accommodate the park.

There are currently Legoland theme parks all over the world, and we currently have two in the United States in California and Florida. If you visit the Legoland website you'll se the them parks include amusement rides, a waterpark, dining, shows and more. And everything is centered around Legos.

And Goshen is not a far jump from the Albany area. It's about a 90-minute drive depending on where you live - so day trips will definitely be easy!

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