The Shops at Village Plaza in Clifton Park are about to get a tasty addition to their already stellar lineup of food options. And their offerings sound out of this world delicious.

When it comes to any new eatery or restaurant opening, for good reason we get most excited when a new donut shop or chicken joint comes to town. So for all of our GNA people, this really is the best of both worlds: a new gourmet spot that will not only serve amazing donuts but will also be elevating the whole concept of a donut also serving fried chicken! 

518 Donuts is currently putting the finishing touches on their new location on Southside Drive in Clifton Park, the same set of storefronts that is also home to Five Guys, the Dog Haus, Jersey Mike's, and more. Co-owners Sam Clifford, Joeseph Carl, and Glenn Babineau were inspired to create this new venture by gourmet donut shops in Washington DC and Philadelphia serving donuts and fried chicken together. They thought it was an "amazing concept" and at that point, Clifford says "...we just went forward with experimenting with our flavors and our menu and combined fried chicken and donuts" to create a truly unique dining concept here in the Capital Region.

So let's get to the nitty-gritty: what can you expect at 518 Donuts? Think gourmet donuts and fried chicken. Clifford said gourmet ingredients are the name of the game, with many of them locally sourced right here in the 518. They have thought of every detail, from perfecting the donut frying process to how the seasoning is applied to their chicken. Let's just say you want to be IN on a fried chicken secret that will leave you salivating.

I did get a sneak peek at the menu and they will offer a mouth-watering selection of fresh-made cake donuts including classic flavors like cinnamon sugar and blueberry, as well as a selection of premium flavors including cookies & cream and maple bacon (Yes please!). They will even offer donut bowls full of vanilla ice cream and more. Yes, you read that correctly. A donut bowl, filled with ice cream. Pure donut genius.

When it comes to chicken the 518 menu has a selection of gourmet sandwiches and chicken tenders, and then the real magic happens with their chicken fried dough. It's literally those gourmet tenders wrapped in donut batter with powdered sugar. That alone will make you save all your fair fried dough money for their September opening!

Just as they are focused on the details of their recipes, Sam and Joe say they are also going to be super-focused on giving back to local community organizations. They already getting involved with local schools, and say all tips will be donated to local charities.

A September grand opening for 518 Donuts is being planned, plus construction of a second location is just getting underway on Broadway in Troy. You can stay in the know on when their grand opening will happen by following them on Facebook.

Look Inside Clifton Park's New 518 Donuts & Fried Chicken Joint

518 Donuts is now open in Clifton Park, serving up a heavenly combo of Donuts & Fried Chicken!


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