If you are sick of changing the toilet paper roll all of the time, there is a new forever roll that you will absolutely love. It may not last forever but it lasts a very long time. Charmin is introducing what they call the "Forever Roll". They claim that you can "go" for up to a month with their monster roll without changing it.

According to Today.com, the Charmin rolls come in a few different sizes and you can even purchase a subscription and a starter kit. You can get a single-user roll with 850 two-ply sheets that will cost you $5.49 to buy once. But you can get a subscription that would only cost you $4.39. You can get it delivered each month or once a year.

Charmin also says that this way helps the environment too. With the Forever Roll, it eliminates 100% of the plastic wrappers and reduces the inner cone roll by eighty percent.

To shop the various sizes offered click HERE.

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