I understand wanting to stand out and express yourself but there's a time and a place and this was absolutely not it. What do you think?

Apparently, the US Air Force had to make it clear that dinosaur puppets are not to be a part of the time-honored tradition of taking an oath. All three members involved in the now viral video from the Tennessee National Guard have received punishments.

I support wanting to be your own person and expressing your individuality but this is her oath to the Air National Guard. This is not just a respected institution but a respected tradition.

Sgt. Robin Brown, the woman featured in the video (and picture below), was fired from her full-time position after taking the oath with a dinosaur puppet on her right hand. CNN is reporting that the colonel administering the oath "was immediately retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel" and the senior NCO filming the video was "removed from his position as a unit First Sergeant" but continue his work in the Air National Guard.

Do you agree with their punishments? Do you feel they should have been punished at all?

Tennessee National Guard
Tennessee National Guard

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