The utility company has asked the state to approve an increase in delivery rates for electricity and natural gas.

So what will this mean for your utility bills? According to, National Grid wants to '...increase its delivery rates by $326 million a year for electricity and $81 million for natural gas.' Ouchie! That could translate to about $20 a month for the average customer. National Grid is proposing small increases each year for the next 3 years to gradually reach the 10% increase.

When my wife Stacy and I moved here from Maine our costs for pretty much everything went up. Gas, groceries, taxes. You name it, we started paying more. Our National Grid bill was our one saving grace though. We are paying way less for utilities here in New York than we ever did in Maine. We will probably still be saving with the $20 increase, but I still feel like I am losing the one of the few things we gained financially when we moved here. I guess I better get to sealing those drafty windows this summer to see if I can make it up on my own if these incerases go through!

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