My hygienist, Dawn Love has worked many years for Dr. Delehanty's Dental office in Guilderland.  She's great, don't get me wrong.  So is Sandy Knapik at the front desk. And Dr. Delehante?  Top shelf.  It's an all female operation, which is unique for the dental business, you must agree.  I really enjoy going there. Until today's conversation. Now I feel really old!:

So as Dawn was cleaning my teeth, we were talking.  We were discussing the merits of different mouth rinses.  (Fascinating discussion!)  I told her that I was using- should I mention the name?- well, it rhymes with "best", but apparently it isn't!  I wanted to get rid of coffee stains.  He proceeded to tell me that this crap-I mean- product- actually MAKES your teeth turn brown.  "You're kidding me, right?", I muttered.   How can that be?

But it was this part of the talk that made me feel ancient.  Because I told her that most of these mouthwashes make my mouth burn.  She advised me to skip them altogether and then use this toothpaste, which was made by a company that rhymes with "best".  Yes, it's the same company.  Go figure!   Or maybe try this other product made by something that rhymes with "charm and slammer" because it uses baking soda, and that gets stains off the best.

So I answered (as that thing that sounds like a floor polisher was doing it's thing on my bicuspids), "OK, maybe I'll live on the edge and try it".  To which she answered, "Yea- go crazy, Richie- live on the edge".


At that point we both burst out laughing.  Here we both are, aging baby boomers.  This is what living on the edge means to us at our age.  This is what it means to "experiment with chemicals".  My laughter then turned to whimpering. I started moping as I walked out to the waiting room area to get my next appointment.  I felt so dejected.  Sandy Knapik (an avid WGNA listener, I discovered) could feel my pain.  You can see it in her expression to the left.



Her disposition was about to change very quickly, however.  Almost in the blink of an eye, she became her normal, smiling, affable self.

I told her that I was going to pay my outstanding balance today.  Ahh, how money changes everything!  (this was a joke- I just wanted to include a nice picture of Sandy because she's...nice!)




As usual, I thought I'd end today's blog with a song.  I wrote this a few years ago right after Lonestar did their version of the great Marc Cohn hit "Walkin' In Memphis".  This is called "Off To The Dentist".  I dedicate it to Dr. "D" and her great staff.

Do you have a good dentist story?   We all do.  Would love to hear it!  Comment below!