When you don't have a girlfriend, you have a lot of time according to Will Boyajian of Clifton Park. But if you ask me this guys gonna have the ladies lining up with his good heart!

A couple of years ago Boyajian headed to New York City and vowed to give to anyone that asked. One problem, there's a very large homeless population in New York City and there isn't a single person that can just keep on giving without becoming homeless themselves. That's why he brainstormed and came up with a great idea that's helping him raise money and awareness almost every single day.

Will grabs his guitar and heads to the subway system that thousands travel each day and plays for hours upon hours. His style of music? Feel-good blues grass tunes, according to the Times Union. The money he raises? It goes towards his "Hopeful Cases" fund.

See him in action doing what he does best...

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