In Rotterdam, five cars have been reported stolen in less than a week. The incidents happened starting on Thursday, June 4. The other thefts happened over the weekend.

Areas / Roads Of Reported Car Thefts (Google Maps)

Poslin Drive is where the first car was stolen from. The remaining car thefts over the weekend happened in several areas around Altamont Avenue, Highbridge Road and Princetown Road.

According to a press release from the Rotterdam Police Department, all of the stolen vehicles were left unlocked and the keys were in the vehicles.

In an effort to possibly avoid any more vehicle thefts, The Rotterdam Police Department has put out an advisory telling people to not leave any valuables in their vehicles, and to also not leave their cars unlocked. Also, never leave your vehicle running unattended.

Three of the five stolen vehicles have been recovered. The search is continuing for the other two vehicles.

One of the vehicles was a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, which was left running in front of a business on Altamont Avenue. The vehicle was found abandoned in a parking lot off Broadway in Schenectady, shortly after it was reported stolen. There has been one person charged with stealing it. That suspect is a 15-year-old male. According to the story from WNYT, an investigation is continuing to find out if he has anything to do with the other vehicle thefts.

The Rotterdam Police Department would like to know if there is anyone with more information about these incidents. You can call them at 518-355-7397 or 518-630-0911. Residents of Rotterdam should also contact the police if they see any kind of suspicious activity.