No doubt that one of my favorite video games is Mario Kart, want to do that in real life? Sure, you could just go go-karting but it's not the same. There's a multi-level course that everyone's been talking about and they just announced their opening date!

I first talked about this course in August of last year and I couldn't wait to find out more information about the opening date. Niagara Speedway is calling itself "North America's largest elevated go-kart track facility." Buffalo television station WKBW has announced that they have finally announced their opening date on June 1st.

The track is 40 feet high and builds up speeds similar to a roller coaster where it transitions into a formula-like course. They're currently installing finishing wires, making some finishing touches, and I saw on their Instagram that they were hiring people for the pit crew. I know around June, I'm going to make a trip out to Niagara Falls to be able to take a ride on this amazing course. I can live an almost real-life Mario Kart and it's not too far from us!

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