After what has been a below-average season for snowfall so far, we are seeing a more active pattern of weather for the last few weeks of the season.

Don't blink, but winter is nearing the finish line. We are having more daylight, Jumpin' Jacks is getting ready to open, and oh yeah, the first day of spring (March 20th) is only 3 weeks away from this coming Monday. While all signs are pointing to spring, the weather is acting more like winter and it looks like most of the area will see a decent snowfall!

Major Blizzard Hammers East Coast With High Winds And Heavy Snow
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Another Winter Storm Is Moving Across The US

Our most recent storm brought a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain to the area on Thursday and northern areas like Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls got around 3 to 4 inches of accumulation, according to the National Weather Service.

As we head into next week we are watching another potential winter weather event moving across the nation that would affect the Northeast and Upstate New York next Monday and Tuesday. And this one will bring mostly snow to Upstate New York Capital Region.

As you see in the snowfall probability map above from the National Weather Service this next storm has very good odds of bringing 7-plus inches of snow accumulation to the area. We will keep a close eye on this one and will update snowfall predictions as they come more into focus.

Before this latest round of winter weather, it seemed Albany had the potential to have one of its least snowy winters on record, but it looks like Old Man Winter is not having any of it! With a few weeks of winter left and what now feels like a more active pattern of winter precipitation, a few inches of snow here and there will certainly keep this winter out of that top 10.

So much for an early spring!

Winter Travel Tips in New York

The Aftermath Of Winter Storm Elliot In Buffalo and WNY

A Bomb Cyclone powered by Arctic air dumped more than four feet of snow on Western New York just before Christmas. Thousands were left without power and at least thirty have been confirmed dead in Buffalo. Homes along Lake Erie received the worst of the winter, with many frozen solid.

Despite a travel ban, residents left their homes in days after for groceries and to begin cleanup. State Troopers and military police have been trying to enforce the law as much as possible. Cleanup crews have been trying to clear as much of the snow as possible and dump it into Lake Erie, but the number of abandoned cars in streets and parking lots has slowed progress.

There's currently no monetary estimate of damage to the region.

The Capital Region's Worst Roads To Drive In The Snow

Driving in the Capital Region can be a chore in the warmer months. But during the winter, there are some roads local drivers would rather avoid. That applies when the snow falls and in some cases when our wintertime nemesis, pool-sized potholes, begin reproducing like rabbits! Here are the worst Capital Region roads to navigate while driving in the snow according to YOU.

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