If you have half as good of a time listening to these local ditties as I do creating them, I'll be  happy.   I'm dying to get going again with Your Town Thursday

I admittedly give this feature a rest for a few weeks, as I figured a lot of folks are out of town – plus we were all on vacation at one time or another. But it's now time to get back to the business at hand.   Do you have a little village, Hamlet, or "one horse town" that you would like to put on the map even more than it is now?  I'd love to help.

The song will not only be played on WGNA, but will also be added to our huge Facebook page, and also placed on our website for all to see and hear.

But of course I can't make a song or song parody out of thin air.   I need facts. What kind of information am I looking for?

What it's best known for?  Maybe it's beautiful lake, like this one (I took this at Long Lake).   

Long Lake shot
Photo by Richie Phillips



Well known attractions or businesses (I can actually sneak you in a free plug!)

Funny quirks (the red light in the middle of town hasn't worked in 10 years etc)

Quick historical facts (don't get all  "Wikipedia" on me- just a few bullet points will do)

You can copy and paste this into an email and send to Richie@wgna.com, or just put the answers in the comment section!   The song will air on Thursday's Sean and Richie Show, typically between 8:45-8:50am.  It will also be on this website on one of my blogs.

And if you have photos to go with your facts, by all means send them to the same email.

Would you like to hear examples of songs done in the past?  Click the button below.  Thanks in advance!


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