The Hudson City Police Department is looking to Facebook for answers on a possible shark sighting in the Hudson River.

I don't think we are to the point of "You're going to need a bigger boat..." from the movie Jaws. But, people are definitely curious as to whether or not the video below taken by a fisherman on the Hudson River in Hudson City is a shark or not. The Hudson City Police asked the question on Facebook Friday: Shark or not a shark?

At first glance the fin, while small, has the appearance of a shark. But is it possible for a shark to live so far up from the Atlantic Ocean? And, what shark would subject itself to swimming upstream through miles and miles of the Hudson River? Either scenario seems far fetched, and the most logical explanation seems to be this could just be a prank (Many commented on this saying it is a remote control fin) or it is another water creature altogether. But, you can judge for yourself:

I will say this: you should not have any worries about coming into contact with a shark. Because let's be honest, even without that possibility, there is no way you or any sane Capital Region resident is taking a dip in the Hudson River. Well, unless someone puts some serious money on the line as part of a dare. But even that would be a stretch!

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