Due to a recent epidemic of wrong answers, this is my attempt at getting a winner.  I said on the air before we began this Super 7 that if we didn't have a winner, I'd quit.

We got a winner, thank goodness, as my car payment is due.

1. Djokovic beat Federer for his 3rd Wimbledon title over the weekend.  Tennis balls are yellow.  What is your favorite color?
a. any color

2. The new trailer for superman v. batman was revealed at comic con. Would you rather, batman or superman?
a. no wrong answer

3. The Minions movie came out this weekend and made a lot of money at the box office and the McDonald's minions toy sounds like it's cussing.  Name the kids meal at McDonalds.
a. Happy Meal

4. 178 years ago . . . In 1837, QUEEN VICTORIA became the first monarch to live in Buckingham Palace.  Name a disney princess.

a. any disney princess

5.  Donald Trump is running for president.  Who is the current President?
a. Barack Obama

6. John Stamos checked into rehab this weekend.  He played "Uncle Jesse" on what 90's TGIF sitcom.
a. Full House
7. Name a letter that starts with M.
a. M
Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower
Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

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