162 games in the book and we've only just begun. October is where legends are made! Who will step up and pitch lights out? Who will hit a towering home run to win a key game? Most importantly what team will rise up and become the World Champions? My bet is we end up with a rematch of 2009 Yankees and Phillies. Here's the schedule for the divisional series.

9/30/2011 Friday:

5pm Tampa Bay Rays @ Texas Rangers Game 1 on CBS

8:30pm Detroit Tigers @ New York Yankees Game 1 on TBS

10/1/2011 Saturday:

2pm Arizona Diamondbacks @ Milwaukee Brewers Game 1 on TBS

5pm St Louis Cardinals @ Philadelphia Phillies Game 1 on TBS

7pm Rays @ Rangers Game 2 on TNT

8:30pm Tigers @ Yankees Game 2 on TBS

10/2/2011 Sunday:

4:30pm DBacks @ Brewers Game 2 on TBS

8pm Cardinals @ Phillies Game 2 on TBS

10/3/2011 Monday:

5pm Rangers @ Rays Game 3 on TBS

8:30pm Yankees @ Tigers Game 3 on TBS

10/4/2011 Tuesday:

All times to be determined. I'll update when they announce.




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