A 20-year old man from upstate, N.Y., who went missing on New Year's Day, has been found in Washington D.C.When Nicholas Simmons disappeared from his parents home in Greece, N.Y., he didn't take anything with him -- no cell phone, no wallet -- leaving his family with many unanswered questions.  However, he has now been located, by circumstance, by an Associated Press photographer.

Jacquelyn Martin, of the Associated Press, was photographing in and around the D.C. area four days after New Years to try and capture the extreme cold the city was experiencing, very much like up here in New York.  She began photographing a group of men who were huddled around a grate outside the Federal Trade Commission.  She introduced herself to each of them and started taking photos.  She did notice one man in particular who was rather young, unshaven and had his face directly pressed up against the grate to feel the warm air.

Martin continued to photograph him and the pictures were then sent and published in Sunday's USA Today.

Fortunately, enough, the Simmons family recognized Nicholas.  Authorities were able to pick him up, bring him to a nearby hospital and his family is now giving him the help he needs.  Still many unanswered questions, but a happy reunion for the Simmons family.


Here's the full story.

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