We talked to Kristi Gustafson Barlette this morning about my generation. Apparently my biggest problem about being a millennial is the fact that I enjoy my avocado toast? That can't be it, right?

Kristi posted on TimesUnion.com about a comment made by real estate mogul Tim Gurner who said that the reason millennials are having financial troubles are because we're buying avocado toast instead of spending it on necessary things or saving it.


I like to believe that I'm an exception to the generalization that Kristi created on her blog. She said, in a nutshell, millennials are self-absorbed (selfies), lazy, can't have an in-person conversation, only want to hook-up and don't consider long-term relationships and kill the economy because of their work entitlement.

I'm a millennial and I don't disagree that there are friends or relatives of mine that fall into this category but overall, we can't be that bad, can we? A good part of the blame has to be because of the drastic changes in technology. I feel like there's never been a time where technology has changed and updated so quickly and the access we have which further perpetuates our need to be "in the know" or be noticed. That and parents who were without or struggled and want to give us everything they never had, maybe it backfired? If people feel this way about millennials, it has to come from some truth, I just wonder what that means for our kids.

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