The menacing and dangerous wily coyote that attacked a South Glens Falls woman was back on the prowl Thursday, but this time it met its match.

Another man claimed to have contact with the same coyote a day before it attacked the woman. He gave the animal a "thump" and it ran off.

Thursday, the search was on.
EnCon officer Matt Krug was carrying an AR-15 as he searched for the dangerous animal Thursday, convinced he'd find him. "This animal has been seen between that mulch pile over here and this bike path the last few days, so we still think it's in the area." Shortly after talking to NewsChannel 13, Krug went back down the trail and the coyote came charging at him. Krug shot and killed the animal and then the officers sent it to a state lab for testing.

The woman attacked on Wednesday is still recovering at Albany Med and is said to be in good spirits.



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