Media personality Jay Bobbin has been working hard for several years on a program called the 'Cinderella Project.'  Richie Phillips recently reported on one of their big events scheduled for this Sunday, September 16, 2012 at Clifton Park Center. Now, we learn a little more about why this project is so important to so many people.

Jay Bobbin explains the Cinderella Project.

What is the Cinderella Project?

It is a nonprofit organization that, for almost a decade, has aimed to
provide a prom gown (and accessories) to any financially challenged
high-school student in the area. We have annual dress drives in the summer
and fall to collect gowns from donors -- and many have shown their
generosity -- then we get them cleaned and hemmed, if necessary, in
preparation for our annual Boutique Day spring event where students can come
and choose their gowns.

When and Why did you get involved?

A friend of mine who used to work in local news had gotten involved and told
me about it, and it just seemed to me an absolute win-win-win situation. I
(along with our other volunteers) feel good about being involved, donors
feel good about supplying the gowns, and the recipients certainly feel good
about receiving them ... which can be seen on their faces on Boutique Day.

How else can people help?

We are always open to monetary donations, certainly to help with the cost of
storage for the gowns during the year, our single biggest expense. Other
suggestions of ways of helping, and our contact information, can be found at
our Web site: