Talk about synergy! Our phone lines were down today and it created a weird "phasing" in our microphones when we had the line activated. What it created was a sort of Darth Vader effect to my voice. Clearly, this would be a legitimate reason for us to slip into a galaxy far far away. And reach levels of silliness I never thought possible before. As you listen to this first clip, I think its fun to notice that Richie is never quite doing the same break that the rest of us are but, for me, that is why this break and the show work so well. ( Listen then move on to part 2 of this blog)

Now after this break was over, Jeff had found out on line that today is actually "Star Wars Appreciation Day", who knew? We really didn't. As Jeff points out (and I didn't even hear earlier 'cause I was getting the music ready) May the 4th is the one day you can say to people, "May the Fourth be with you." Get it? So, having learned this factoid it only made sense to continue the bit, and take it to a whole new place. Enjoy.

God Bless