Halloween is right around the corner and everyone seems to have an opinion on what age is too old to trick or treat. There is a city in Canada that has age restrictions for trick or treating. I always thought it was weird when young adults would ring my doorbell for candy if they didn't have young kids with them. Apparently a Canadian city used to have a rule that banned people over 14 from wearing costumes on Halloween to trick or treat. But now they have raised the age. They are raising the maximum age to 16 so those can enjoy trick or treating on Halloween night.

I wonder why they put an age cap on it in the first place. They must have had some safety or mischief concerns in the past. When I was living alone, I always had candy for trick or treaters. I have to admit that when older teenagers came to my door, in not much of a costume, I wasn't thrilled about giving them candy.

But I also remember being a college kid and going out on Halloween to collect candy. We didn't have any money to create cool costumes. We would sometimes go in our soccer uniforms. Those residents gave us candy.

Do you think there should be an age limit for trick or treating?


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