Before you say, "No Way" check out this new trend in pajamas. I think it's magical and I have been known to buy matching outfits for me and my dog Freddie. At least this way, we will both be comfy and cozy for the winter months. There is a new trend in pajamas that offer matching outfits for you and your furry friend. A few years ago, American Eagle sold matching sweaters. They were good quality and Freddie and I matched for the holidays.

I am not sure that I am going to run right out and get matching pajamas for me and Fred, but I love the idea. I know many people will say they are a waste of money, but I did spend too much for our sweaters.

The canine clothing company called Fabdog has several sets of matching pjs for pets and their parents. Most of the sets sell for $50.

I have to admit this is a lot less than our matching sweaters. I may consider it. Would you buy matching pajamas for you and your furry friend?


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