When the news came that Mastroianni would be shutting down it's long running bakery out of Schenectady only a year ago, the Capital Region was devastated. But it turns out, just under a year later they are back in action and ready to serve.

They were a long running favorite of mine. A go to, must have item each visit to the grocery store. Then they were gone. I, like many struggled to find a "replacement." Thankfully now we don't have to!

Their new facility is going to be located in Utica and they'll be shipping their product to us here locally via Price Chopper Market 32 locations. You'll find them currently back on some of the local shelves with a more wide variety coming some time soon. The bakery has yet to give dates for their product availability but as soon as we know more, we'll be all over it to let you know!


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