A stabbing of a Troy police officer has led authorities on a manhunt for not one, but three men.  Officer Michael Johnson was stabbed in the leg around 10:30pm Wednesday night in a wooded area near the Martin Luther King apartments.  Johnson radioed in about 10:30 while patrolling alone, that he was checking on three suspicious people lingering at a dead end.  The report stated the men were wearing gloves and something over their faces.

No evidence was found at the scene except for a knife.  It is still unclear if that knife was related to this particular incident.  According to police department spokesman Captain John Cooney, detetectives are still interviewing the officer and getting more details about what happened.

Officers had to carry Johnson an eighth of of a mile from the scene.  He was taken to Samaritan Hospital for treatment of his injury, but has since been released with non-life-threatening injuries.  This is the not the first time 31-year old Johnson has been injured on the job.  Back in 2006, he was bit on the thigh by a woman during a domestic dispute.  Johnson has been on the force for almost ten years.

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