There was a man police were looking for in Troy for lewd acts and trying to abduct women. Well with your help this creep has been arrested. For a full week, Police had asked for your help in finding a man that performed lewd acts in front of women in Troy. There were two separate incidents. The first happened near Broadway and 3rd Street in downtown Troy. A man approached two women and committed a lewd act in front of them. The second incident escalated. The same man approached two women at the Poestenkill Creek Gorge and performed a lewd act and then attempted to abduct one of them. They fought him off and escaped then reported it to police.

Troy Police say they arrested 39 year old Daniel Flowers of Troy. He was arraigned in Troy City Court. Flowers was facing charges of public lewdness, attempted kidnapping and assault in the 1st degree. He was denied bail after being convicted of two prior felonies in South Carolina.

Police credit the public for identifying the suspect and the mother of the attempted abduction said that having Flowers off the streets is a huge relief.

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