There is no joy in having to pay a large bar tab, especially when there seems to be a discrepancy with the bill. However, it is well advised to just pay it – because there is even less joy in having to be removed from a fence after you impale yourself while attempting to pull the old “drink and dash” routine.

That’s what police say happened Saturday night in New Hampshire, after a man got into a dispute over his bill and took off, fugitive style, out of the bar and impaled himself on a fence outside of Manchester’s Hilton Garden Inn. Actually, we hear the fences at the Holiday Inn are much easier to climb.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found the man teetering on one leg with the other one seriously shish kabobbed on 18 inches of infectious fence spike.

“He was actually in pretty good shape. He was texting and making phone calls. He was very cooperative. There were a few moments where things were getting moved around. There were some power tools being operated. He cringed a few times but for the most part, he was just like get me out of here. He didn’t hit any arteries, any ligaments according to the hospital. And didn’t hit any bones either,” said Lt. Max Chiasson, Manchester Fire Department.

Authorities said the man was sent to the hospital for surgery and remains in stable condition. It is not yet known what type of repercussions he’ll face for dodging out on his bar tab. Although, what could be worse than being impaled and publicly humiliated?

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