Decreased sales over November and December are to blame for some major "adjustments" being made at the giant retailer Macy's. These cost-cutting measures will force the closing of 40 stores nationwide but will effect ALL stores when it comes to cutbacks and layoffs. In a statement on their website Macy's says that 3 to 4 positions in each remaining store will be eliminated.

They did, however, say in their release that half of the associates in the eliminated positions would be reassigned.

"An average of three to four positions will be affected in each of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s approximately 770 going-forward stores (out of an average workforce of approximately 150 associates in each store), for a total of about 3,000 affected associates nationwide. Roughly 50 percent of affected store associates are expected to be placed in other positions."

So how does this affect the stores in New York state?

Well fortunately, the Capital Region seems to be safe. The areas in New York that will see a store closing are, Buffalo, Horsehead, Williamsville and the closest to us, Kingston, in the Hudson Valley.