If you love to watch scary movies, you have a chance to make some serious money. There's a little bit more to it than just watching, but it's pretty easy money. Here's how. According to WGRZ.com, you will be asked to sit down and watch all thirteen of Steven King's movies from his terrifying novels by Halloween. Steven King has a new movie coming out called "Doctor Sleep" which is a sequel to "The Shining". In an effort to promote the new movie, USDish.com is running this contest.

While you are binging on all thirteen of Steven King's horrifying movies, you will be asked questions about the films, if you are watching alone or with others and your heart rate during the most terrifying scenes. There are thirteen movies which include, Carrie, Christine, It, Misery, and more. Accomplish these tasks and you can get paid $1300.

To get all of the details and to be part of this haunting task, click HERE.

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