Leanne in Perth writes:
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now, and things have been pretty good. Believe it or not we met at grocery store during the pandemic when he graciously allowed me to get the last thing of hand sanitizer.  I'm 23 and he initially said he was 27.    But last week he told me something that definitely threw me for a loop.   He revealed to me that he'll be 36 in May. He said he did it because he thought the 10 plus year age difference would have originally turned me off, but the reality is, I wouldn't have cared.  Part of me thinks it's kind of sweet , the other part of me is concerned that there might be more lies I'll find out about down the road.  How should I handle this?
Leanne's boyfriend told her he lied about his age.  She's not sure if his intentions were good and sweet, or a possible red flag.

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