Have you heard the new (and improved) 'Love Cowboy' segment at 8:05 weekday mornings with Brian and Chrissy on GNA?  Well, there's a new sheriff in town and he's offering up relationship advice for listeners while firing off plenty of insults towards me. And for the record, I'm lovin' it!

Every weekday morning at 8:05, the new 'Love Cowboy' segment can be heard with Brian and Chrissy on GNA.  This so-called relationship expert answers up questions from listeners with his unique brand of hard hitting reality, mixed with the tender care of a pure southern gentleman.  And when time permits (and it usually does) he'll fire more than a few insults and barbs at yours truly, much to the delight of Chrissy and Jess who seemingly can't get enough.

Check out the most recent bit of listener advice offered up from GNA's new 'Love Cowboy' and don't forget if you have a question for him, email it to mornings@wgna.com

Yeeeee Haaawwwww!!!!


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