I love when our favorite artist call in to the show in the morning. "Love And Theft" definitely fit into that category.

If you are a regular listener to the show you know that whenever possible we try NOT to do standard interviews on the show. Much like the show itself , we would just rather talk, unplanned and see what happens. With some artists you can do this and others , not so much. The best of all is when you have had the chance to meet and maybe even hang a little with the artist before hand and you can try to bring out the actual people behind the songs.

I feel like today we were able to do that with Stephen and Eric. These guys are just fun. Honestly I don't think it took a whole lot of doing on our part to show that, it was more get out of the way and try to keep up. If you get anything out of it, I hope it's just that, that these guys are talented, down to earth FUN guys.

With all that said, if you missed it this morning here is a replay for you of Love and Theft on the Sean and Richie Show: