I know it's beating a dead horse here (sorry PETA), but this is beyond belief.  Now it's puddles that we have to deal with!  It's either been sunny and bone chilling cold, or warm but raining, or neither and snowing up to our foreheads.  And who do we blame during times like these?   News 10's Steve Caporizzo of course!

I only said that so you would read on.  Of course we don't REALLY blame Steve.  He's just the messenger.  I think there are forces way beyond him controlling the situation.  (See Al Gore's website for comments).

But we do make him morning show fodder alot.   He becomes our punching bag whenever there's inclement conditions.  And he tries really hard to soften the blow, but we've all worked together long enough to know just by the sound of his voice what's coming in his forecasts.

One of his famous catch phrases is "enjoy it while you can", meaning "enjoy the nice weather today because you'll be needing flashlight batteries and cans of spam tomorrow!"   And he has many more in his arsenal.

So I decided to tease him alittle with a song.  This is a parody of Zack Brown's phenomenal hit "Colder Weather".  (Hey-this one was CRYING OUT to be parodied!)

I'll share it with you and also email Steve with the link to get his reaction.  (I hope he's still speaking to me after hearing this!)

(again Steve, we kid because we love ya!)