Everyone has their favorite television shows. Mine all happen to be almost older sitcoms. I’m not saying I don’t like any new tv shows, but the sitcoms will always be my favorite. I do enjoy “Two And A Half Men,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “How I Met Your Mother,” I’m not a fan of reality shows. But give me the good old sitcoms, and I’m a happy camper. With the new fall season well underway, I thought that I would share five of my favorites:

“The Odd Couple”

A clean guy versus messy guy. Felix and Oscar know how to get on each others nerves, but in a humorous way.

"Hogan's Heroes"

This was one of my mom's favorites. I was hooked.

“WKRP In Cincinnati”

Hey, I’m in radio. I can relate to all of the characters. Those of us that have been in the business for awhile all have stories about people that we worked with just like the ones on the show.


Anyone who has ever hung out in a bar knows most of the people on the show.


I think is one of the funniest shows ever. I think we all have a friend who was one of the “Friends.”

There are many others, but I thought that I would share these with you. What are your favorite shows?

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