Be on the lookout for these insects that lay eggs during the winter. They are a destructive insect that destroys plant species throughout New York state. The DEC is asking for your help.According to CBS 6 News, the state Department of Environmental Conservation is asking for your help to be on the lookout for the Spotted Lanternflies laying eggs this winter.

The freezing temperatures should kill off the remaining insects but now is the time when they lay their eggs. They look to lay them on flat surfaces like outdoor furniture, vehicles, and firewood. The eggs are about an inch long and a brownish-gray color. The surface appears shiny, waxy, and sometimes scaly.

These insects which came from Asia can be very destructive to plants here in New York state. If you see these eggs, you are to contact the DEC at

The Spotted Lanternfly is a beautiful looking insect but they are deadly to many plant species throughout the state.

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